Taienkang Pharmaceutical Factory (Wanji Factory) passed the national GMP certification

2023-04-13 09:49:43

Guangdong Taienkang Pharmaceutical Factory (Wanji Factory) received an on-site inspection by the Evaluation and Certification Center of the Provincial Drug Administration in May. This is the first batch of GMP assessments by the provincial inspection team and the successful passing of the Wanji factory after its construction to completion. In the future, Taienkang Pharmaceutical Factory will continue to deepen optimization and improve the management level of product quality and safety. In an environment where GMP unannounced inspections tend to be normal, only those who do not forget their original intentions will advance, only those who are calm and confident will win, and only those who are introspective will be strong. Taienkang will also be committed to standardizing production, focusing on quality, assessing the situation and advancing with the times.